We are using the unique mineral stone SHUNGIT in our healing practice to purify the space or water and to release the pain in the certain part of the body. It is also very useful to solve skin problems and to treat arthritis and rheumatism. The information presented below will help you to get to know more about this nature treasure found in Karelia, Russia. If you are interested in the products, or need our help call @647-868-5678, or email: elena_canada@hotmail.com  













   The world only deposit of the unique coaly mineral SHUNGIT is in Karelia. For the first time the healing powers of this unique mineral were discovered more than two hundred years ago, but its research and use begins only today.

szungitSHUNGIT is a mineral, which has no analogues of both of its healing characteristics and characteristics diversity. SHUNGIT heals, saves, cleans, improves, protects, neutralizes, regenerates and even grows. An amazing rock: it eliminates and absorbs all that imposes a hazard on people and living beings, but it concentrates and restores all that is helpful for a human being. The scientists who have investigated SHUNGIT declare unanimously, it is a miracle.

   SHUNGIT treats joints, promotes fast wound and burns repair, relieves allergy and many other diseases. It is irreplaceable in water treatment and warm floors construction. The walls faced by this stone absorb electromagnetic radiations, so that SHUNGIT
is a revolutionary shielding device for harmful electromagnetic radiation of computers, microwave ovens, TV sets, mobile phones and other advances of the modern civilization.


   SHUNGIT purifies water of various admixtures (chlorine - organic substances, nitrates and nitrites, copper, manganeseimages and iron surplus), completely - from helminthes eggs, and removes from water turbidity, bad flavor and smells. SHUNGIT deletes from the water heavy metals, all organic (including mineral oil and pesticides) and chlorine - organic substances, which, as a rule, contained in the water, clears water off mechanical impurity, including water pipes' colloid iron. It saturates the water with calcium and magnesium salts as well as with microelements up to the human's body optimal concentration, disinfects water without use of chlorination or ultra-violet irradiation.

   Interacting with human being, SHUNGIT absorbs and kills all unnecessary substances, adds and restores the elements necessary for man. This shungitphenomenon is based on ion - exchange properties of SHUNGIT, which allow extracting selectively from organism certain pollutants. Apart from this, SHUNGIT is able to feed human's body with necessary macro- and microelements, but selectively too: from the multitude of elements contained in these minerals, the organism chooses only the very necessary. Thus, the organism gradually comes to the restoration of mineral balance which helps to cure many chronic illnesses and to restore the power status.








SHUNGIT is a mineral matter of black color. It is a unique natural formation consisting of shungit carbon (30%) and silicones (70%).

Shungit carbon has an amorphous structure and graphite firmness. It is characterized by high reactionary aptitude in thermal processes, electro conductivity and chemical stability.

The structure of shungit is unusual. The rock represents the composite with the carbon in the base of the mould. The contact surface of silicones and carbon is more than 10 m/g.



Chemical composition:

























H2Ocrys is in the composition of mica, chlorite.



SHUNGIT characteristics:image

-         density 2,1-2,4 g/cm

-         hardness 4

-         porosity up to 5%

-         pressing strength 1000-1200 kg/cm

-         electro conductivity 1500 sim/m

-         thermal conductivity factor 5 Wt/m  K

-         developed inner surface up to 20 m/g

-         adsorption activity:

o       on phenol 14 mg/g

o       on thermo Liz resins 20 mg/g

o       on oil product 40 mg/g

-         adsorb active regarding bactericidal cells, phages, pathogenic saprophytes and others

-         shungit particles have bipolar properties independently of their size

-         have bactericidal properties





SHUNGIT is used as a filer for light concrete (so called shungizit), decorative materials (shungit tales), and rubble stone. SHUNGIT rock is an effective raw component in the production of foundry iron, ferroalloy, and silicon carbide. It is also used in the process of removal of liquid slog and heating wells and in smelting of elementary phosphorus.




SHUNGIT is perfect for water purification. Take 3 liters of water and put 200 g of shungit into the vessel. The water is good for use in an hour. You should draw the water for 2 6 hours in order to receive more healing properties. When you infuse the water for 1 2 days you can use it for medicinal purposes.





Method 1


piramidkiPut your pyramid on the table directing its sides towards south, north, east, and west.  You have to stay at the north side of the pyramid.


Put your hands on the table so that there is not more than a centimeter between the pyramid and your parted fingers. Look at the side exactly in front of you and try to imagine the pulsating ray penetrating deeply into your body and your diseased organ.


Put your right hand onto the side of the pyramid and your left hand on the diseased part of the body, if you do not feel the warmth coming from the pyramid. Permanent manual contact has been created between you and the pyramid, and you have started to pump over its energy and clear your blocked energy canals. Breathe calmly.


Stop working immediately if you feel asthmatic fit.


It usually takes you 1020 minutes to achieve effective results. It is better to work with the pyramid in the morning, one hour after breakfast or in the evening, before 7 p.m.


    Method 2photo2


You can relieve the pain by putting the pyramid on the diseased area. You stay in the position according to the geomagnetic field of the Earth, laying with your head to the north and legs to the south. The sides of the pyramid are orientated by the sides of the world.


You can also put the shungit pyramid in your room to harmonize the space and to free yourself from irritation, tiredness, and nervousness.  The radius of action is not less than 5 meters even if the height of the pyramid is only 5 centimeters.







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